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Are you hungry for action and have an insatiable lust for adventure? Then you've found the right place! Equinox Reborn is an upcoming server with fresh content and a tight-knit community growing on a daily basis. Do you have what it takes to become the best? Whether you want to swing your axe at trees, best dragons, or solve clues Equinox Reborn has what you need! We'd love to have you join us in becoming one of the best servers out there, so why not give us a try? You won't regret it. See you in battle, adventurer!

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Don 11:00 PM Feb 24 '18
VPS Upgrade, Forum and more

Hello everyone. Today, and over the past few days there have been some changes. The biggest ones being:

1. VPS - We've moved to a new VPS, which means you will have to download the new client. Click the Downlod button at the top right to get the new client and jump right back into the action!

2. Forum - Our forum is now ready to use! click the Community button up top to get to it, or by clicking HERE!

3. QoL Changes - Some small changes were made such as lowering the Abyssal Whip droprate from 200 to 150, and the Abyssal Dagger from 5.000 to 2.000. Nieve also is more flexible, you either need 90 slayer OR a combat level of 100.

This is all for today, but there's plenty more to come. Stay tuned and happy gaming!

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Don 8:00 PM Feb 8 '18

Hello everybody to the start of Equinox Reborn, some people may remember the server Equinox that ran in late '17, and we're giving it another shot! We hope we can entice you with fresh new content and a whole new source. I, Don (formerly Nox) would like to welcome you all with open arms and apologize to anyone that may have been wronged in the past. Hopefully we can make it right this time. Looking forward to meeting you all in-game, until then adventurers!

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